The aim of this website is to provide free information on statistics for students and practitioners

Keith Bower's biography

This website was started in 2004 in response to the frequent statistical questions Keith received while working as a technical trainer for Minitab. The site provided a one-stop location to house the information.

Since that start, the available resources have expanded from short articles to audio and video podcasts, as well as technical papers. There have been over 1.6 million views of his YouTube videos since he began using that platform.

All these materials are available via links from this website, and may be more easily found by using the Search Engine located near the menu bar at the top of each webpage.


Year Activity
2000 Began publishing articles on applied statistics
2004 Created the website on August 11th 2004
2006 Began recording audio and video resources on applied statistics


Keith WILL NOT answer questions on statistical topics (emails will not receive a reply). However, feedback and comments about the website and Podcasts are greatly valued. Please email such communication to

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